Pazzo Gelato Organic Cinnamon Milkshake

20th April 2017 - Alcoholic Milkshakes, Organic Milkshakes
Pazzo Gelato Organic Cinnamon Milkshake

Reasons to love this milkshake: For those that don’t know Pazzo Gelato is an ice cream shop chain that also serves up some pretty amazing milkshakes. But here is one you can make at home. While ultimately very worthy of the effort this shake does require a lot of it. The “Cinnamon Gelato” needs to be made beforehand, but the rest of it can be made as you want it. So if you plan to have more than one, make more Cinnamon Gelato ahead of time.


  • Cinnamon Gelato
  • Whole Organic Milk
  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Fresh Whipped Cream
  • Ground Cinnamon

For a full recipe and making guide visit this website (and remember to share!):