Oreo & Winter-mint Holiday Milkshake

17th December 2016 - Christmas Milkshakes
Oreo & Winter-mint Holiday Milkshake

Reasons to love this milkshake: Mint does seem to be a favourite shake recipe at Christmas time, but I am not a fan of the strong taste many of them have. That is why I enjoyed making one of these shakes. The Oreos really calm down the taste of the peppermint canes and make a much smoother and enjoyable milkshake experience.

Eggnog Milkshake
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Oreo & Winter-mint Holiday Milkshake
Barnamint Baileys Milkshake


  • Milk
  • Peppermint Syrup
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Oreo’s
  • Whipped Topping
  • Hard Peppermint Candies

For a full recipe and making guide visit this website (and remember to share!):