Nitro Milkshake

3rd December 2017 - Crazy & Unusual Milkshakes
Nitro Milkshake

Reasons to love this milkshake: Just when I thought I had seen it all along comes a CO2 Cartridge injected milkshake to prove me wrong. Sadly you will need at least some prior knowledge and use with liquid nitrogen before making this shake, but once you have that under your belt, do give this recipe a go. It takes like the best orange shake you will ever have and is so cold and refreshing it should come with a warning label! Truly a unique shake that you would have never seen or tried before.

Nitro Milkshake
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Nitro Milkshake
Nitro Milkshake


  • Pectin-based Ice Cream Stabilizer
  • Orange Juice
  • Heavy Cream
  • Vanilla Extract
  • More…

For a full recipe and making guide visit this website (and remember to share!):

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